Strategic Plan

Organizational Goal #1: Mission, Vision, Values
Helping People Succeed's mission, vision and values will be relevant to the organization’s current purpose and will provide direction to its desired future, considering its role in:

  • Providing information and assistance to families during their children’s infancy
  • Providing services to high-risk families in order to ensure a healthier environment, leading to better outcomes for children
  • Providing educational opportunities for students with behavior issues
  • Providing opportunities for education and training for adults with disabilities
  • Providing life-skills, job training, and job placement for adults with disabilities

Organizational Goal #2: Community Awareness
Helping People Succeed will become more widely known and recognized as the lead agency providing essential services to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency as the need arises to residents of Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee, and Indian River counties and beyond, considering:

  • Developing the Helping People Succeed Brand
  • Increasing marketing and public relations support from local professionals
  • Establishing a mission-driven identity and branding platform as the foundation for creating a cohesive message and body of marketing and communication materials
  • Increasing effectiveness of marketing communications materials
  • Expanding media reach
  • Employing word-of-mouth as an influencer
  • Collaborating with local entities, increasing reach, and targeting new markets

Organizational Goal #3: Board of Directors
Helping People Succeed will invest in the development of its boards of directors to ensure the organization has a highly functioning, trained, engaged effective, and active group of leaders prepared to guide it into the future by:

  • Providing governance and financial oversight
  • Providing a strong voice in the community for the organization and its results and accomplishments
  • Leading the way through investment of their time, talent, and treasure
  • Providing leadership in planning to ensure the ongoing and future viability of the organization
  • Perpetuating and renewing the boards through board recruitment and mentorship

Organizational Goal #4: Essential Services
Building on years of successful programming, Helping People Succeed will continue to execute its critical programs and provide services of the highest quality to its clientele while also identifying opportunities to expand within its mission, considering:

  • Opportunities to develop new sustainable programs and services
  • Opportunities to expand successful programs in areas of unmet need
  • Opportunities to develop staff capabilities that open doors to new programs and services, especially those linked to programs of greatest unmet need

Organizational Goal #5: Human Resources and Technology
Helping People Succeed will create an optimal organization that provides an exemplary workplace and WILL use technology to enhance all aspects of the organization, considering the need to:

  • Provide adequate staffing levels to accomplish measurable results
  • Provide ease in decision making across the organization
  • Provide opportunities to increase internal and external collaboration, partnerships, and education
  • Improve workflow and productivity
  • Improve morale and work-life experience
  • Improve use of existing workspace
  • Improve record keeping and protection of valuable client relationships

Organizational Goal #6: Financial Stability
Helping People Succeed will maintain financial stability by expanding, enhancing, and diversifying its revenue streams and fundraising capabilities by:

  • Maximizing income from earned revenue sources
  • Developing a consistent fund development program
  • Exploring new opportunities for grants revenue
  • Engaging new investors in the organization’s mission
  • Developing logical programmatic collaborations and partnerships that maximize funders' dollars
  • Maximizing the income from fund development activity and programs
  • Developing a capital needs assessment

Healthy Families Florida
Healthy Families America
Ounce of Prevention Fund
 Florida Department of Children and Families
Agency for Persons With Disabilities
United Way of Martin County
United Way of St. Lucie County
United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades, and Okeechobee
Cleveland Clinic Martin Health
 Children's Services Council Martin County
Children's Services Council St. Lucie County
Children's Services Council of Okeechobee County
Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network
Florida Department of Education Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
The Community Foundation Martin - St. Lucie
Florida Department of Transportation
Florida KidCare
Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
*The Florida Department of Children and Families. Partially funded by the Martin County School District.

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