Mission, Vision & Values

Helping People Succeed’s Mission

Helping People Succeed transforms lives by realizing potential, creating hope and building futures through education, counseling, training and employment.

Helping People Succeed’s Vision

Our vision is to help each person, no matter what challenges he or she faces, to achieve success and thereby enrich not only his or her own life, but also the community in which we live, work and raise our families.

Helping People Succeed’s Values

Helping People Succeed believes:

  • In the ability, dignity, diversity and value of each man, woman and child
  • That all children should live a life free from abuse and neglect but through nurturing, love and education
  • That everyone should have the opportunity to actively participate in all facets of life especially in the areas of employment, education and training
  • That focusing on an individual’s assets and strengths leads to success
  • A person-centered approach to goal setting, service planning and delivery systems lead to individual success
  • Employment is the key to inclusion, participation and access to community life
  • A collaborative approach with partners leads to success
  • The community at large should be included and considered in development, implementation, quality and expansion
  • The provision of services must be ethical, principled and fair and provided in a manner with integrity, compassion and competence