Calendar Month: September 2021

Underwriter: EW Consultants, Inc.

About the Artist: Stacy Ranieri

Stacy’s interest in art began at the age of three when her pre-school teacher placed a stool under her tiny feet so she could reach up to the easel to paint her first picture. Art was part of her life throughout her childhood, with some formal training from local teachers. When she applied to New York University’s art program and was asked to improve her portfolio before they would accept her, she put her love of art on hold and did not paint again for nearly twenty years.

Her spark for art was reignited in 2003 when her parents moved to Florida and brought some of her old paintings with them. Since then, she has developed her distinctive, whimsical style and vibrant, cheerful color palette under the tutelage and encouragement of local artist Georgia Abood. Her subjects are generally landscape and coastal scenes, wildlife and female figures.

As the owner of The Firefly Group, a full-service marketing and public relations firm in Martin County, Stacy has limited time to devote to her love of painting. Her weekly visits to Alizarin Crimson Art Studio have a deeply cathartic and calming effect on her. “It’s my happy place and I always leave feeling the way one does after meditating or attending a restorative yoga class.”
Her work can be seen throughout the walls of the Firefly office and in the homes of family and friends. She has also donated countless paintings to various nonprofits’ silent auctions and has done commission work as well. Stacy has had showings of her artwork at Alizarin Crimson Art Studio and is a past board member of the Martin County Public Art Advisory Board.

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