Calendar Month: May 2022

Underwriter: Stuart Business Systems

About the Artist: Val Lally

Val is an award-winning artist, and has been in numerous select group exhibitions throughout Florida as well as online art shows. Her art is in restaurants throughout Florida and in private collections throughout the United States as well as Europe.

Using nature and her gardens as her inspiration, Val’s paintings are vibrant with translucent lights and sparkling shadows that have a subtle movement to them. She achieves this with thoughtful planning, many, many layers of glazes and a lot of patience!
Through her photography, she enjoys capturing an image of something and paints an “up close and personal” view of it. Typically, Val paints in a realistic style with the background elements depicted as abstract representation of its surroundings: just impressions of shape, color, texture and mood. She wants this contrast to add visual drama to her paintings.
Although watercolor is still Val’s favorite medium, she has been venturing out and starting to paint with acrylics as well. With acrylics, her subject matter is light and (as many people have mentioned to Val) happy. And at the end of the day, that is Val’s wish for everyone, to be happy!
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